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It is our practice not to ‘Top’ trees.  We instead reduce a trees canopy by Drop Crotch Pruning (i.e. cutting leader back to a lateral) to maintain natural growth patterns. 

  1. Original Tree
    Original Tree
  2. Tree pruned correctly
    Tree pruned correctly
  3. Tree pruned correctly with new growth
    Tree pruned correctly with new growth
  4. A Topped Tree
    A Topped Tree
  5. Topped Tree with new growth
    Topped Tree with new growth
Correcting a Topped Tree

Topping destroys a tree's appearance, structure, and health.  Often trees are topped to reduce the size, but as a result the tree is stressed and produces a different type of growth which allows the tree to reach its previous size in a matter of a few years, but this growth is weak, unnatural, and a huge threat.  After a tree has been topped the wood begins to rot, the new growth sprouts from everywhere growing straight for the sky.  This creates a very bushy unhealthy structure, which needs a tremendous amount of attention and maintenance.
Instead a tree can be reduced in size by drop crotch pruning - A method that leaves the tree with a natural and appealing growth pattern and a healthy structure that will encourage slow and select growth.  This gives the property owner the desired outcome while maintaining the health and beauty of the tree.

Don't Top Trees!
Why Topping Hurts Trees